Company Information

Company name TOPRANK CO.,LTD
Established April 2002
Head office 1-3-3-2F Shinkawa Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0033 JAPAN
Phone +81-3-6222-8399
Faccimile +81-3-6222-8339
The antiquary qualification Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission. No.307791007268
Chiba Public Safety Commission. No.441050001477

Japan Head office

Address : 1-3-3-2F Shinkawa Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0033 JAPAN
Phone : +81-3-6222-8338

Japan Head office

Toprank Usa,Inc

Address : 3355 E.Spring st #9 Long Beach CA 90806
Phone : 562 426 7800

Toprank Usa,Inc

Myanmar TOPRANK Trading

Phone : +95 9971814260

Myanmar TOPRANK Trading

TOPRANK Trading Lanka(PVT)Ltd.

Address : No. 37 8/4 Perera Mawatha, Kotuwegoda, Rajagiriya.
Phone : +9411 2179170

TOPRANK Trading Lanka(PVT)Ltd.

About Us

Complete car care

TOPRANK is one of the leading companies in the used car market in Japan. We do all maintenance at our facility and sell used cars in an excellent condition.
We would like to show the rest of the world that how great is the quality of the used car in the Japanese markets Not only by trading cars but other services that we provide.

In Japan most used cars maintain their condition like a new car, this is because the majority of Japanese car owners tends to replace cars with low mileage. On top of this, a car needs to be inspected strictly by government designated facilities every year.

TOPRANK can make Pre Delivery Inspections.
We maintain and modify in our own plant so that we can provide a Car in an excellent condition.

We are confident to satisfy you with cars that we purchase. This is because TOPRANK thinks that the sale is just beginning of the business relationship. However, other car dealers often finish the business relationship once the sale takes a place. We also have an ability to find a car that is hard to find in your country. This is based on long time dealing experience with car business around the world.

Advantages of dealing with TOPRANK.

  • We stock various cars and are here to answer any kinds of your needs.
  • Smooth transaction when importing due to our reputation in the trading business.
    We do pre-delivery inspections in our station to deliver cars in the "Top Rank" quality to ease your mind.
  • Our sales representatives can correspond with a variety of languages.
  • You may order any parts that you need.
TOPRANK fulfill your happiness.
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Variety of cars in stock

We always have hundreds of cars in the stock.
We can find a car you need either from our stock or the market.
Please contact our sales representatives with your request. We will answer to your request.


Domestic sales division

  • TOPRANK Funabashi

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  • TOPRANK Osaka

    About Us Picture 07

Domestic plant and car-rental

  • TOPRANK Body Works

    About Us Picture 08
  • TOPRANK Service Factory

    About Us Picture 09
  • TOPRANK Car-Rental

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