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How much will I need to pay? Vehicle price, Expenses in Japan, FOB/C&F/CIF, Freight/Shipment, Insurance

  • To find out how much will your car cost please remember to sum up the following items as applicable to your case:
  • Vehicle purchase price
    (in case of purchase from Toprank Stock it is the amount agreed on between yourself and Toprank)
    (in case of purchase from an auction it is the purchase price at the auction)
  • Auction fee (applicable to purchase from auction) usually is 15,000 JPY, but it may be higher in case of special / one-price auctions
  • Inland transport (applicable to purchase from auction) usually is between 5,000~25,000 JPY, but it may be higher depending on the distance from auction to shipping port, or in case of heavy trucks/machinery/damaged cars
  • Delivery basis FOB – you will have to pay for shipping fee separately to your shipping company
  • Delivery basis C&F or CIF – shipping cost (and marine insurance in case of CIF) included in the price that you pay to us
  • Warranty covers the following:
    - Cost of the vehicle if vessel sinks, catches fire, or is totally destroyed during transit
    - Cost of "general average" (i.e. cost of salvation if vessel is rescued before sinking)
    - For more details regarding an insurance, please contact us

How fast is delivery?

  • Delivery timing depends on the destination country. Closest to Japan nations may have a delivery as fast as within three weeks time from the day of the auction. However, Shipment schedule often influenced by the weather condition, the schedule of the transportation company and the schedule of sea vessels.
    Please contact us to find out more details about delivery time to your country.

Vehicle Condition, Possible Claims

  • Our professional mechanics thoroughly inspect the vehicles in the TOPRANK stock before any sale. Please see here a sample checklist.
  • In the auction, cars are rated in numbers between 0-6. Rating of 5 or 6 mean close to the condition of a new car. Please note that lots marked "0", "***", "現状", "無効", or "No Claim" may signify the car is in non-drivable condition and auction house accepts no claim for such after purchase. Please contact us for any query.
  • TOPRANK recommends buying cars rated between 6 and 4.


  • If you want to cancel the car you won, and inform us within 50 minutes after the auction ended, the cancellation fee will be 100,000 JPY. More late cancellation may result in re-auction. In such case, you will be charged 30000 JPY and re-auction fee and all other costs such as auction fees and inland transportation fee, and the difference between purchase and sale price.
  • For more details please contact us.
  • ※Fee for Specific Auction = Much expensive auction fee and transportation fee for specific auction like ISUZU group and some other auction must be paid by the customer.

About payment

  • Please note that we mainly accept payment by telegraphic Transfer; we do not accept web-money / Kiwi / PayPal etc.
  • Our account is held in Japanese Yen, so we recommend you to make payment in Japanese Yen. If you should use other (hard) currency, our bank will automatically convert the payment to Japanese Yen using the bank's actual exchange rate as of the day of the transaction please note that conversion costs varies by countries. e.g. 1500 Japanese yen will be charged in case of having a transaction from the U.S.
  • * A Letter of Credit is also accepted for some countries, please contact us for details.

Can I order spare parts?

  • You can request spare parts or accessories (and their installation) to the purchased vehicle (or other vehicles) at a separate cost.
  • Such parts and accessories may be sent as an inner cargo in the purchased vehicle or other delivery services such as DHL and Fedex.
  • Please contact us for more details.

Additional Services

  • When you purchase a vehicle via TOPRANK you may order partial or total painting, polishing, cleaning, tire replacement, and other services at additional cost.
  • Please note that we can only work such services on fully paid cars