How to Buy (At Auction)

Which purchase method suits you best?

Sign Up and Pay - in a deposit

Please create your account in Toprank System (TRS). Your email address will be used as your Log-in name. Please remember to indicate your customer ID number in payment instructions – it will help us identify the payment as yours.

Prior to our receipt of payment your account can only perform limited functions, and you will not be able to make online bids.

Select Vehicles and Make Bids

You can search vehicles by maker name, model, chassis Code, first registration year (note it may be different from actual manufacture year), engine displacement, or a lot number. Use "Bid" button to input your bid amounts for selected vehicles. (Please learn more about bidding rules here)


Please note that we mainly accept payment by Wire Transfer; we do not accept web-money / Kiwi / PayPal etc.

Our account is held in Japanese Yen, so we recommend you to make payment in Japanese Yen. If you should use other (hard) currency, our bank will automatically change the payment to Japanese Yen using the bank's actual exchange rate on the day of transaction. please note that conversion cost of approximately 1.500 Japanese Yen will be charged (in case of US dollars. For other currencies please contact us for details).

* TOPRANK accepts letters of credit from certain countries., please contact us for details
* Payment terms may differ from country to country, so please contact us for details


Delivery terms may differ from country to country, so please contact us for details