Marine Insurance

The car you purchased is insured as follows:

Types of Accident I. C. C. (A) +
War & Strikes
○ = covered / × = uncovered
Fire & Explosion
Vessel/craft stranded, grounded, sunk or capsized
Overturning or derailment of land conveyance
Collision or contact of vessel, craft or conveyance with external object other than water
Loss of any package lost overboard or dropped whilst loading onto or unloading from vessel or craft
Entry of sea, lake or river water into vessel, craft, hold, conveyance, container, liftvan or place of storage
Earthquake, volcanic eruption or lightning
General Average & Salvage Charges
Loss or damage caused by war risk. This coverage only applicable "port to port" and or "airport to airport".
Loss or damage caused by strikes, locked-out workmen or persons taking part in labour disturbances, riots or civil commotion and any terrorist or any person acting from a political motive
Pirates, thieves & non-delivery
Loss or damage due to scratching, breakage, bending and denting, this insurance shall cover those and JPY50,000.- (or equivalent in other currency) on each claim shall be deducted in the settlement.
Deductible JPY50,000
Loss or damage due to rust, oxidation and discoloration ×
Loss caused by willful misconduct of the insured ×
Ordinary leakage, ordinary loss in weight or volume or ordinary wear and tear ×
Loss caused by "inherent vice" or nature of the subject matter ×
Loss caused by delay, even though the delay be caused by an insured risk ×
Loss arising from insolvency or financial default of owners, operators, etc. of the vessel ×