PDI service

Japanese auto auctions are famous for their strict assessment of traded vehicles and compliance with the actual condition to what is declared in the auction sheet. However, remember that what you buy at an auction is a used car, and you may wish to have it checked, fixed, polished, and cleaned before it is delivered to you.

That is exactly the reason and purpose of our Pre-Delivery Inspection Service Center (PDI). To put it simple, PDI is about checking and fixing where possible at your request the following five major areas:

1. Interior Equipment

2. Exterior Equipment

3. Other Exterior

4. Under the hood

5. Underbody

You may take a look at a sample check-list here

  • PDI service 01
  • PDI service 02
  • PDI service 03
  • PDI service 04
  • PDI service 05
  • PDI service 06
  • PDI service 07
  • PDI service 08
  • PDI service 09
  • PDI service 10
  • PDI service 11
  • PDI service 12

AIS, the Automobile Inspection Ststem, is widely applied as a reliable inspection tool.
TOPRANK adds our original inspection points to this and inspect vehicles.

Please contact us for details. >> http://www.ais-inc.jp/en/