For all of our Customers TOPRANK We are a group of car professionals and car lovers.
Philosophy - TOPRANK TOPRANK Philosophy

Ideology to indicate why the company has established and its existence
We will seek the way how and what we could do for our customers.

Throughout our lives we form bonds in society, our business and lifestyle relationships are closely intertwined.

Therefore, TOPRANK thinks people(human beings) as a precious to our business.

This is the most important ideology that our company TOPRANK has since its establishment.

So, what is "people as a most precious piece"?

To accomplish our ideology, we often look back and ask ourselves how and what we could do to become a model person. The model person is structured on the exemplary conducts which has a high sense of the responsibility and politeness.

We wish all of us earn these conducts. Want to provide a "place" to produce a "model person". We always seek to find a best way to do so.

Based on this, what could we do?

One may not have a power to bring happiness to the society or the world. Hence, we strongly desire to treat our customers, co-workers, families, and community as a valuable one from our heart.

With our complete devotion, we will do what we could do for the precious one.

As a result, we believe the philosophy spread all over the world. Moreover, continue to produce a "PLACE" to create a "Model Person".

This is our meaning of the existence and permanence expectation.

We aim to be a leader in automotive customer service and support. We will lead by example and have the best appraisers, the best automotive technicians, and the best sales agents. People are the most important element for us, it is why Japanese customer service is world-renowned, we will provide the best possible deals and service for your satisfaction.

Five treasures we always have in mind

  1. Treasure customers
  2. Treasure employees
  3. Treasure employees' loving ones
  4. Treasure ourselves
  5. Treasure society